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Below are our most frequently asked questions with answers.
If you have anything else you would like to ask, do not hesitate and ask by clicking here.

Are the luminous awning reliable?

Our luminous awnings are amongst the most reliable on the market as they are made from electroluminescent sheets as opposed to LED bulbs. They are highly weather resistant and can withstand temperature variation. They meet fire regulations (M1 Anti fire) and come with a two year guarantee (parts and labour).

Do luminous awnings consume a lot of energy?

No. Luminous awnings are highly efficient as they use electroluminescent sheets which require 12 volts to be powered. This is a power consumption 5 times less than an LED bulb system.

Who are our main clients ? 

Our products can be catered to anyone/everyone. If you would like to become a reseller do not hesitate to enquire for more

How long will it take for my luminous awning to arrive

It takes around 10 days for your unique product to be tailor made and delivered.

Why Store Led

Store LED are exclusive partners with the only European supplier of electroluminescent sheeting. Our products are offered at the best prices possible and come with guarantee.

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